Crossing Borders And Arriving In Beautiful Malacca (Malaysia)


Last year, when I was still in the planning stage of this trip, visiting Malacca City didn't come to mind until I saw posts about it in on Pinterest. I was searching for things to do and where to go in Malaysia and of course, results about Kuala Lumpur popped first. But then I stumbled upon a blog post about all the street art in Malaysia. I did some research and found out that there are several cities that have beautiful street art: George Town in Penang, Kuching, Ipoh, and Malacca, to name a few. 

I've read about Malacca way back when I was still in elementary school, during my Sibika at Kultura (Civics & Culture) class. Unfortunately, all I can remember from that time was that natives in the Philippines used to trade with locals from Malacca. I was interested to know more about their history and see their street art, so deciding to spend two nights there was easy.

Malacca is very accessible on a land trip. From Singapore, we rode a bus that we booked online [more details on a separate blog post]. The funny thing was, we thought we were going to ride the double-decker bus all throughout the journey. Since it was our first time to ride it, we made sure to document the experience in video. Turns out, before we left Singapore, we were transferred to a different bus from a different company because we were the only passengers who booked the double-decker one. 


The terminal where we were asked to transfer to a different bus. Apparently, you can also ride a taxi here to Johor Bahru (where Legoland Malaysia is!)

We left the Lion City around 9 in the morning. About thirty minutes in the journey, we stopped by the SG border, got down, and had our passports scanned by immigration. It was a fast process and their office was still very modern, just like most of their city. 

After clearing immigration, I started freaking out because I thought that the bus we were riding wasn't the same one we were going to ride to Malacca. I've read an experience like that from a blog. So I told my friend and we hunted it down. Our bags were still inside it and different crazy scenarios started popping into my head. I snapped out of my anxiety when we found it, waiting for its passengers on the other side of the building. 

We reached the Malaysian border about 20-30 minutes after. You could say that during that time, we were in two places at once!πŸ˜†The driver pulled out all our bags and handed it to us. Then we went straight into the immigration office, had our passports stamped and our bags scanned. 

The whole trip lasted for approximately 4 hours. We arrived in Melaka Sentral, the mall/bus station, around two in the afternoon already. Our tummies were already rumbling so we had lunch at McDonald's. Apparently, McDonald's in Malaysia doesn't have rice meals on their menu. I ordered the 6-piece chicken nuggets and it was enough to ease my hunger.

Kiehls Mural Malacca
Malacca Malaysia
Malacca Art
Malacca Art

After lunch, we settled into our quaint and artsy Airbnb, which was located in the old town where all the popular tourist spots are. It was near the historic river where locals back in the day used to sail through to trade their goods with other traders. The place has a cafe where people can order coffee and do work (since they have a reliable wifi connection) or watch boats pass by.

I came to Malacca without big expectations and I was, yet again, blown away by how insanely creative the people are. Almost every corner of the establishments near where we were staying was worthy of a snap or two. When we began walking to the other parts of the old town, I found myself thinking, "Is everyone here an artist?"

Malacca River
Malacca Art Studio
The Christ Church Malacca
Stadthuys Malacca
Melaka Malaysia
Malacca Trishaw
Taj Grand Hotel Malacca

This reminds me of Wes Andersons's The Grand Budapest Hotel!

Discovery Cafe Malacca
Orangutan House Malacca
Orangtuan House Malacca

The iconic  Orangutan House! I meet the artist, Charles Cham and bought one of his posters.

The Orangutan House Malacca
Malacca River

The day ended with a short walk to Jonker Street to grab some grub. I tried Nasi Goreng for the first time and it was delicious but it became too spicy after several spoonfuls. The shops in the famous street were closed early since it wasn't a weekend. Too bad since I was looking forward to squeezing my way through a thick crowd and looking at what the locals were selling. No worries because the next day, we did just that.

Day two will be up soon! πŸ’š