Sayonara 2016 we go again. It's already the last week of 2016, and we're two days away from welcoming another year. What better time to look back at all the amazing things that happened in the last 12 months than today.

If you guys have been following me since god knows when (I honestly can't even remember how long I've been sharing my life through my blog), you know that I'm such a sucker for


posts. Of all the days I lived through 2016, this is the only time that I get to sit down, pause, think and write about how great the year has been.

As per usual, I've rounded up some of my favorite memories this year (well at least the ones that I have photos of). Let's get on to it 😊

2016 has been a crazy year. 

Okay, okay. I know I've said that for like a million times already, but there's probably no other way to describe it. In the first half of the year, I was trying to keep my sanity intact while working on my final requirements for graduation. A few of the things I did for the sake of my education (lol) was serve in the school canteen for 4 hours alone, visited a remote barangay to survey some residents, had my yearbook photo taken 

I basically chased every deadline all for the diploma and toga. Then I finally bid adieu to college, went on trips and fell in love with an island.

In the second half of the year, I left my 2-year part-time job in the wedding photography company and begun working with three bosses from different parts of the world. I bought my very first laptop (which is my biggest investment this year) and launched a



Thinking about the transition and all the challenges I've overcome makes me feel like my head is going to explode. I still couldn't believe I made it through to the end of 2016 without actually throwing all my responsibilities out the window and sleep until I'm 70.

Sure there were a lot of shitty things that happened (like Alan Rickman's death and my anxiety problems), but I won't let the bad outweigh the good. As always, I'm grateful for all the constants in my life which include my friends who became like family and my family who became like my friends (WHAT? haha). And of course, I'm grateful for


guys wherever you may be in the world. Thanks for sticking around with me this year despite my lack of updates 😂

I don't know what's going to happen in 2017 and the uncertainty makes it terrifying and exciting at the same time. Who knows? I might open up my dream cafe or start becoming a real digital nomad. The possibilities are limitless and never-ending.

So here's what I wish for each and every one of you (and yes, self, you're included):

I wish you'll work on your dreams harder, one day at a time

. Find comfort in the fact that you have all you need to become the person you aspire to be. Whatever obstacles that may come in the future, know that you're strong enough to handle it all. Bid goodbye to what has passed and welcome what is to come with open arms.

When the clock strikes twelve on December 31, have a glass (or two) of that good wine. Well done. You've survived.