Music For When You Wander

Travel Playlist

The start of every new year makes me feel a familiar kind of high. I'm overwhelmed with hope and excitement for all the experiences I'm going to have, regardless if it's good or bad. This is the same kind of good feeling that I get whenever I plan and go out on a trip. 

As early as last year, my heart and mind have been set for several trips this 2017. Since this isn't the right month to do that yet, it won't stop me from letting my imagination run wild and think of all the experiences I'll be having soon. This playlist makes me zone out and do just that.

I'm a month away from ticking another item off my dream destination list and I hope everything goes well not just for me but for my travel buddies too. Unfortunately, I can't share any detail about it here but I'll definitely blog about it after the trip 😉

What about you guys? What songs are in your travel playlist? If you've got awesome songs that you'd like to share, don't hesitate to leave them on the comments section below. Good music is meant to be shared!