Where Have I Been?

The Wandering Dreamer by Pearl Aton

Notice something different? That's right. I've finally moved out from Blogspot and invested in Squarespace. But before I go into details about that "big change", let me talk about where I've been in the past months. 

The transition from 2017 to 2018 was a bit of a struggle. I was in a not-so pleasant place mentally, which lead me to take a short break from posting things on social media and on my blog. I felt like I wasn't grateful and appreciative enough of all the things I've achieved in the past year. I thought it was because I was too distracted with trying to document everything so I can have something to share on social media. I was wrong. Other people's achievements distracted me. I kept comparing my life to theirs and that absolutely messed up my mental state.

This aspect of my life will always be a work in progress so I can't say for sure that I've recovered. I'm feeling much better now though so that's a good sign.

2018 travels

Last February, I went on my first trip abroad for this year. My parents and I went to Taiwan for a few days. It was my advance wedding gift to them. While we were there, I didn't take a lot of photos with my digital SLR unlike the way I did when I went on a cross-country trip last year. I shot most of where we went with my new film camera, Canonet QL19 GIII. The scans are still not ready so I won't be able to write and post about it now.

After Taiwan, my college friend and I went to Bacolod. It was such an impulsive trip. We booked our plane tickets last December during a seat sale. We honestly forgot about it until Cebu Pacific reminded us haha. Again, I didn't use my digital camera a lot during the trip. I took more photos using my film camera and the scans are still being processed by Sunny16Lab.

new site

Back to the "big change" I was talking about in the first part of this post, yes, I've moved everything from my old Blogspot blog to Squarespace. Everything is pretty new to me but I love how the transition has been such a breeze.

The thing that took me so long to finish was re-uploading all the photos on the old blog posts. Since I'm using the personal plan, the "code" feature is not enabled. When I moved my posts from Blogspot, the photos were shown in code. But now that I've finished re-uploading everything, I can delete my old Blogspot site already. 


Work Changes

I've also recently committed to working full-time as a Creative Director for a US-based company. and with that change comes a ton of responsibility. This is actually the first time in my life that I've committed myself to working full-time and I could never be more excited. Although the work is a bit stressful sometimes, what I appreciate about it the most is that I get to learn new things everyday and I love it.

I'm pretty much content with my career as of the moment and I'm eternally grateful for this. Not a lot of people get to have the opportunity to create; to control their income; to choose what time of the day they start their work; and to travel while making money at the same time. If you guys want me to talk about my online career, let me know :)

So welcome to my new cyber home! If you run into a glitch (or glitches lol) in some parts of the site, please give me a heads up. I'll greatly appreciate it :)